Bedtime stories !


If you like the idea of relaxing, possibly lying in bed and craving an interesting little story before sleep, then why not listen to Nic’s husky but dulcit, properly perfect, but not too posh, bedtime stories.

WARNING: these stories are not for little ears, just for adults with curious, broad-minded views on life who are interested in knowing more about how the British got their reputation for being the eccentric, naughty party people.. see a quick snip of BOOK ONE

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HOW TO LISTEN: a link will be posted here for those that decide to join this elite little group

Long-Covid Nic – a survivor

2020 changed many things for many people, especially for Nic who became a media personality through unfortunate circumstances, but always the fighter, she is on the comeback.

Remember many years ago, Nic was at University with the very talented and now celebrity-status… Dotun Adebayo MBE  Together they were a formidable pair, heading-up the media, entertainment and even (with Dotun as President) the politics and management of the place.

Journalism & Media Experience

Let’s face it, there’s no point lying, most of the top PR people write pretty much everything their client’s are seen to be saying across the media, so as a PR you have to be an epic writer.

Broadcast Journalism

Before her father even bought the first colour television… Nic was born to be in front of the camera, usually posing in a ridiculous outfit with national health specs’ and braces on her teeth, looking like female shrek on a bad day. BUT she always had an amazing voice and did lots of drama, always getting the lead role as her booming deep vocal chords could reach the parts… no other Sancerre could get to.

Launching Soon

As a result of so  many life changing experiences in 2020, with the global Covid-19 pandemic, Nic started her own YouTube channel in the hope that laughter would help her and the 3.5 subscribers that needed to laugh at her!

Very soon she will be announcing a whole new entertainment experience, with her voice leading the way.

Come back soon to find out…and in the meantime, #keepsafe