Business Troubleshooting

At the age of just 28, Nicola recognised her ability to not just create rapidly growing businesses but also to maximise profitability and develop brand values which would ultimately allow her to reap significant financial and personal gains.  With a strong head for figures and basic accounting principles, Nicola was easily able to identify how to eliminate costs and maximise revenue with a ‘client first’ principal which always created long-term loyalty and positive balance sheets.

Nicola will spend an hour or more with you and your accounts information, on a strictly confidential basis, before producing a report and recommendations for your consideration.  You simply pay a one-off fee for this consultation and only if you wish to put the advice into practice would you need to look at paying for further business consultancy – ultimately if the advice does not produce profitable results for the same value as the fees then you pay nothing!   No WIN then No FEE !!

Small Business Owners:

Whether you are a creative genius and excel at a particular design or aesthetic skill-base…or a shop owner with a real passion for your business but just cannot seem to make the figures add up to a comfortable profit and income ….our Trouble-Shooting consultancy is absolutely right for you.

So many people are brave enough now to go self-employed and run their own firms, whether they be retail and shop based or service-led, but very few have the knowledge of how to look at balance sheets; build marketing strategies; analyse costs and revenue or even build their business through great PR and attract investors or financial help.

Nicola is a real expert in seeing hidden value, demonstrating business possibilities and raising finance for growth.  Investing in new ideas and looking at potential opportunities can make all the difference.  Find out more here: Local Business Intro doc

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