Merry Christmas Everyone!

December has been a busy month with the lead up to Christmas, arranging events for clients. Last week we attended Xmas drinks at a lovely bar in Soho with clients and members of the press. It was a great evening getting to know people better and we were delighted that so many people made the effort at such a busy time of year.
When I started working at Mitchell Moneypenny just a few months ago, Nic mentioned to me that she can be ‘a little Devil wears Prada’ from time to time! Anyone who has seen the film will know I was slightly unnerved by the comment. Shortly afterwards she told me I needed to make a file with all of the names, titles and publications of the journalists attending the client press xmas drinks. The list quickly became known around the office as ‘Meryl’ so in the spirit of Christmas, here’s a picture of Nic and I at our Christmas party!
Prada Christmas
Okay, maybe not really, but it did make us laugh.
That’s all from me for 2012, except to say that Nic, Myself and the Mitchell Moneypenny team wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013!

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