In At The Deep End


Starting work here at Mitchell Moneypenny at the beginning of October I felt a mixture of excitement and anticipation. Taking on a brand new role is always daunting and I must confess that I was feeling more than your average share of ‘new girl nerves.’  There is always so much to learn when starting a new role and getting your head around the basics (let alone finding them) can be a challenge. Add to that the ‘haven’t got a clue, but don’t want to sound like a complete idiot’ panic that rises every time you are set a new task and don’t want to make a hash of it, and I think you have a clear picture of most people’s first day. But those first day worries soon melted into insignificance as I picked up the pace with the help of friendly and encouraging colleagues.

It is with that help that I have managed to plunge straight into the deep end with reasonable confidence, which is very good indeed as it has been an especially busy month at MMHQ.  We have been working on several presentations, launching a client’s new product and trying to conquer the world of WordPress by getting our new website up and running. I think it’s fair to say that we have had a few tentative moments when both Nic and I thought we had ‘broken’ it! But thankfully we seem to have come out as the victors (for the time being).  Facing these challenges whilst learning the basic day to day functionality of Mitchell Moneypenny life has meant that October seems to have whizzed by in the blink of an eye, leaving me wondering how on earth a whole month can have passed in such a short space of time?

I also managed to put in an appearance on our local radio show (BBC radio Glos) this month.  I have been a panellist for them for a few years now, popping in from time to time to comment on topical issues and engage in discussions. As I leave the studio I often try to reflect on the comments I have made, wondering what about myself if anything I have revealed, and how much trouble I might be in when I get home as a result of them! On this particular occasion I had no need for reflection as a quick check of Twitter told me that I had inadvertently ‘outed myself’ as a book sniffer!  A reference to comments made about the disappearance of the common book in favour of e-books in a modern age, and my new boss had tweeted,  ‘New MM recruit @tanithharding on BBC Radio Glos ‘I love the smell of them’ ..books that is – tad worried will catch her sniffing trade mags’.

The fast pace of PR and social media can at times be a bit like juggling five balls whilst riding a unicycle, but it’s certainly an education that I’m looking forward to experiencing at Mitchell Moneypenny! Hopefully you will continue to keep an eye on progress and follow the continuing drama via our twitter account @moneypennyPR.

Tanith Harding

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