Budget, Eggs and the Iron lady

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It’s spring time (but not as we know it) in the Mitchell Moneypenny offices and after a very unseasonal freezing cold March we are very pleased to hear that sunshine is finally on its way. March is supposed to be a time of daffodils and Easter chicks, not sheep being pulled out of snow drifts! Perhaps Mother Nature got distracted trying to work full time, keep a house and family in order and find time to make Easter bonnets for the school parade? There was no bonnet making for my kids school this year but had they done so I think they would have been knitted.

The big event of March was the much anticipated Budget announcement. We nervously watched George Osborne deliver it to see if we could actually afford to buy any Easter eggs this year.  In a time of austerity the budget was never going to delight everybody, but it wasn’t all doom and gloom, the help to buy and mortgage guarantee schemes will hopefully give a much needed boost to the economy and if that doesn’t work out at least we get 1p off beer!

There has been a lot going on in the office with some great new clients to look after. It has been fantastic to work on such a variety of projects and face new challenges. Nic has been particularly in demand for her knowledge and expertise lately. She attended the Money Marketing awards on the 21st March for her regular role as judge, a very good night by all accounts. She is also a judge for the Headline Money Awards coming up in May (and yes, before you ask, it is too late for bribery!). This month also marks my six month anniversary working for Mitchell Moneypenny. It has flown by so quickly, and I can’t believe how much I have learned.  Some of the day to day tasks that I now do without thinking were a terrifying prospect just six short months ago.

In other news, (you may have heard) Margaret Thatcher passed away this week causing a ‘Thatcher post’ overload on my twitter feed. She certainly had the marmite effect on people, and whilst I was never a ‘lover’ myself I do have a begrudging admiration for the lady that became the first woman ever to take command at number 10 and kept her post the longest.  Her funeral will be a huge state affair next week and I can’t help worrying in a country so divided over their feelings for her whether this will stir up a whole hornet’s nest of problems.

Tanith Harding

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